Yoga at Work


We all know that the workday can be difficult. Whether it be a commute in or deadline pressures. This is why more and more companies are introducing yoga for their employees. This keeps their people smiling and happy, with an increased ability to relax and enjoy life, and work more effectively.

I am a Harrogate based yoga teacher and I aim to bring mindfulness, breathing practice, and yoga classes to you, when and where you need them most: at work. This can be in 30 minute sessions focusing on stretching out the hips and shoulders, the most commonly tight areas for desk-bound workers, or 1 hour long sessions focusing on stretching those areas out but incorporating breathing and stronger asanas (postures). Here is an article that relates to this. I have been teaching and practising for over 10 years. A few things said about my lessons and myself:

‘Sarah’s a great teacher: we all had different reasons to want to start yoga at work and we’re all getting lots out of it. The team feels fitter and healthier and there is no better way to start the day than with a yoga workout and a bit of a laugh.’  Nicole, Magpie

‘Sarah is such a great blend of humour and support. I love her style of yoga. She is enthusiastic, energetic and kind. She encourages me to find my strength and keep going but to always listen to my own body.  I highly recommend Sarah to anyone interested in yoga or fitness (and having fun with it!)’   Susie

‘Sarah has been teaching me some stretches that have been working so well for me. Not only in working alongside my Muay Thai (for increased flexibility and mobility) but general ‘day-to-day’ stuff.
My hips, lower back, groin, glutes are more relaxed than they have been for a long long time! Thoroughly enjoying your classes, thanks again!’ Phil M

Yoga and mindfulness are known to:

  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Release stress and increase the ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations
  • Enhance productivity
  • Make team work significantly friendlier and coworkers bond with each other
  • Increase commitment to overall health, greater energy and enthusiasm for life

Physical benefits:

  • Moving muscles that are stationary or move very little throughout the day
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase in agility and longevity while playing sports or working out (hello, Ryan Giggs?!)

What could improved focus and reduced stress do for your employees?

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